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10 April 2024
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19 March 2024
Goran Višnjić Headlines Premieres at 75th Dubrovnik Summer Festival

The 75th Dubrovnik Summer Festival brings eight different dramatic titles, with its rich premiere program highlighting strong and well-known acting names in the city.

At the very beginning of this exciting festival summer, the audience's favorite, "Kafetarija" by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Paolo Tišljarić, will have its premiere. The acting ensemble of the Marin Držić Theater is led by Hrvoje Sebastijan and guest Marijan Nejašmić Banić in the roles of Gospodin Fran and Lukša.

The latest performance of Vojnović's "Ekvinocija" will be directed by Krešimir Dolenčić at a previously unexplored festival location, Posat. Meanwhile, our greatest acting stars today, Goran Višnjić and Zrinka Cvitešić, lead the Festival Drama Ensemble alongside the national drama champion Olivera Baljak.

The rich drama program will be rounded off with Shakespeare's "The Tempest," the third and final premiere title, directed by Slovenian director Vito Taufer. Alongside the popular Luka Peroš in the role of Prospero, some of the leading names in Croatian theater such as Dušan Gojić, Siniša Ružić, Fran Dijak, Filip Šovagović, and others will stand, bringing a vision of a new era, a future that Shakespeare believes awaits the world, in the specific ambience of Lokrum Island.

Tickets for all premieres, as well as for nearly 60 other music, ballet, folklore, and other programs of the 75th Dubrovnik Summer Festival, are already available for purchase online on the festival's website www.dubrovnik-festival.hr and through the service www.ulaznice.hr. Starting from Monday, April 8th, tickets, as well as festival souvenirs, will be available for purchase locally at the box office on the ground floor of the Festival Palace at Od Sigurate 1, which will be open every working day from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

[ source ]

According to this page, it looks like Goran will be portraying Niko Marinović in Ivo Vojnović's Ekvinocijo (English: Equinox) at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. The play will be directed by Krešimir Dolenčić, and will be performed at Posat (a new location for the festival).

Establishing a balance between the melodramatic and the crude, the sentimental and the cynical, Equinox skilfully combines the past of individuals with the present of the collective, their memories with premonitions of the future.

One can only hope that a YouTube video of this production will be made available to those of us who are unable to, or cannot afford to travel over to Dubrovnik this summer to support Goran in this role.

And then this Saturday, 13 April, is the March for Animals in Zagreb, Croatia. Today, Goran shared a video showing his support for this cause in his Instagram stories. But there's no word on whether or not he will be in attendance.

I love that he is sporting his Dracula (The Brides) look in the video he shared for this event. And it's making one wonder if The Brides is getting another chance (please note: it probably isn't, this is just my own wishful thinking), or if he's got something else up his sleeve <--- or does this Dracula look have to do with his role in Equinox at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Goran Višnjić, Animal Friends and Pobjede Association invite everyone to the 4th March for Animals
Original Croatian Article // Article in English (using Google Translate)

"Animals don't have their own voice - we are the ones who have to stand up for them, who have to say something for them. We, as the strongest species on this planet, I think we are here to be guardians of this world, guardians of nature, guardians of animals, not those who just exploit, mistreat and take. I think animals are there more to be companions, to live with us, not for us."

Prijatelji životinja // Animal Friends (using Google Translate)

Goran Višnjić, Animal Friends and Pobjede Association invite everyone to the 4th March for Animals

Saturday, April 13 from 11 a.m., Tomislavac: "We are the ones who have to stand up for animals"

The March for Animals, organized by Friends of Animals and the Victory Association, will start on April 13, 2024 at 11 a.m. from Zagreb's King Tomislav Square. The participants of the March for Animals will be the voice of all oppressed and invisible beings who share this world with us. According to the organizers, these are animals that are killed in the food industry, that we carry on us, use in experiments or for vain entertainment, that we abuse and abandon, even though we are aware of their suffering.

And the actor Goran Višnjić in an emotional video invited everyone to join the loud crowd: "Animals don't have their own voice - we are the ones who have to stand up for them, who have to say something for them." We, as the strongest species on this planet, I think we are here to be guardians of this world, guardians of nature, guardians of animals, not those who just exploit, mistreat and take. I think animals are there more to be companions, to live with us, not for us."

As Animal Friends declare, today animals are oppressed by humans to such an extent that the rights of conscious individuals and their clear desires for their own lives are completely lost for the purpose of mass exploitation. They are seen as consumables and not as individuals with their own needs and desires.

They add that abusers, murderers and those who neglect animals are not sanctioned. "We all need to stand up for this", is the message of Friends of Animals: "Croatia needs changes in legislation and the establishment of an inspection for animal protection." Croatia needs improvement of the Animal Protection Act, as well as regulation of the keeping of exotic animals. In addition to the above, the ban on log pulling competitions and the ban on keeping dogs on a chain are just some of the changes that are necessary. There are many reasons to come to the March for Animals and everyone can find their own!”

The Victory Association reminds us how much power is in our hands (and voices) and how important it is to fight on their behalf: "There is so much we can do and every step forward is a significant step for animals." Come to be loud together for those who need our help! Let's not allow excuses, but look for solutions! Thanks to the changes we are proposing, billions of lives could be saved.”

Here you can read 35 reasons why to join the March for Animals and see Goran Višnjić's video call . Everyone is welcome to the March for Animals.

[ source - English translation of article by Google Translate ]

26 March 2024

I'm cleaning up my laptop files, and came across screen captures that were ready to go up on the site, but that I had accidentally dropped into a 'music' folder, only to be discovered now. Ugh. I swear, my computer files are a mess (and they're more organized on my laptop than they are on my 5TB external drive that holds almost all of my Goran (and Timeless) image files (which is just over 2 million images) that I intend on getting archived here, and on my two Timleless fansites (Team Garcy & The Timeless Fansite). Anyway, I uploaded 1,138 HD* screen captures from Goran's 2022 Facebook interview with American Corner Zagreb.

* "HD" because while the original video file is in 1080p, the quality of the Zoom video isn't that great, but still this is Goran's "Bedhead" interview, and he lives up to one of his nicknames: The Human Emoji and/or Emoji Man. I think my bulk image converter/renaming software messed up the chronological order of the caps when it did the renaming though as his waving goodbye is around the middle of the caps instead of near the end. I have no idea why/how that happened, it's been so long since I put them together LOL

[ view all screen captures here ]

04 March 2024

Goran Višnjić accepts his 8th Zlatnih Večernjakovih ruža (Golden Večernjak Rose)

Translation from Google Translate:

"Good evening everyone, a big greeting from rainy England. Just to let you know that Ruza has arrived, they tried to stop her at the customs, but it didn't work. They couldn't stop her from coming. I would like to thank Večernji list for this wonderful prize, a wonderful statue And I would especially like to thank the audience because this award is still an award from the audience and that's why it has a really special place in my heart. It's the audience that applauds in theaters, fills cinemas, concerts. We are artists without an audience, incomplete and so thank you to the audience, thank you Večernje list. And you, my dear colleagues, have a great time tonight, enjoy yourself. Greetings!"

Video originally found within this article about the event, and Goran's acceptance of the award: https://www.vecernji.hr/showbiz/video-goran-visnjic-najveca-snaga-ruze-je-sto-je-prva-i-originalna-1750428







I screen shot, and then did a HUGE cleanup of this Ekran magazine cover. So far, it looks like it's only available to purchase as a digital copy. I haven't had any luck finding it as a physical copy (yet <--- I hope one day it'll show up to buy... *fingers crossed*). You'll be able to find this image in the scans section of the site after it disappears from the updates.

I also got my hands on an actual HQ episodic still of Goran in an episode of Vikings: Valhalla.


Anyway... I've still got loads of screen captures that I need to upload to the site. My 2024 has not been great, but I'm hoping to get some caps up as soon as I can. Including better (larger) quality screen caps of Goran in Spartacus.

Thank you for your patience and understanding ♥

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