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01 January 2024
Goran Višnjić Archive Facebook Page // Update Archive
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20 December 2023

Four years ago today, the Goran Višnjić Archive went online. I just want to let you know that I appreciate your support, and the thousands of hits that this site receives each month from fans like you. Thank you so much for visiting ♥

And if you're a fan of Goran's Timeless character, Garcia Flynn, today is also Love Garcia Flynn Day. Over on my Tumblr page today (and tomorrow), I'll be sharing video clips of my favourite Garcia Flynn scenes from the Timeless series. If you're on Tumblr, check out the "love garcia flynn day" and "happy love garcia flynn day" tags, and if anyone is celebrating on Twitter (is it still called Twitter? IDK, I left it almost a year ago, and because I don't have an account there, I can't check it out to see if anyone is doing LGFD there), check the #LoveGarciaFlynnDay and #HappyLoveGarciaFlynnDay hashtags on Twitter, and Facebook (and any other possible social media platform that I'm unaware of) for Garcia Flynn content.

If you need Garcia Flynn images and GIFs to help celebrate, you can find them here in the GVA gallery:

Additionally, you can always check out my fansite, Team Garcy, for more information about the Garcia Flynn character (as well as his relationship with Lucy Preston).

01 November 2023

Just wanted to let you know that I reuploaded Goran's 2016 interview on Hollywood Today in which he talks about his (then) upcoming TV series, Timeless. Also, there's a new POTM (baby Goran!), and it took some Photoshop work to enlarge and clean - enjoy!

Also added, the other images from this month's 1998 POTM photoshoot.
(also enlarged and cleaned in Photoshop)

08 October 2023

Finally we have an episodic still of Goran in Vikings: Valhalla! The photo comes from several articles about the upcoming third season on Netflix, and... as some of you may know... Netflix likes to cancel popular series after their third season. At least with Vikings: Valhalla, Netflix has let us know this far ahead of time that season 3 of Vikings: Valhalla will be its last. No speficic premiere date has been set, just that season 3 will be available to watch on Netflix in 2024.

The articles:

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Goran Višnjić Archive is a fansite for Croatian-American actor Goran Višnjić. He is best known for his role as Dr. Luka Kovač on ER, and he has also appeared in films such as Practical Magic, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and Fátima. Most recently he has starred as Garcia Flynn on NBC's Timeless, and as famed inventor Nikola Tesla in the BBC’s Doctor Who.

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 09 September 2024
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 20 December 2024
 Love Garcia Flynn Day

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