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'Santa Clarita Diet' Has A New Villain, But He's Not Even Sheila & Joel's Biggest Threat
By: Jim Conlan
11 May 2019

Jim Conlan speaks to Goran Visnjic star of the hit tv series Timeless. Goran Visnjic talks about his character Garcia Flynn and his changing role over the seasons. Goran Visnjic talks about how he got cast in the role and about the production week on set shooting Timeless, his fellow castmates dealing with the initial disappointment regards the cancelation of the series and the support base of the show getting the series renewed. Goran Visnjic talks about the detail of the show regarding all the historical facts and what we will see in season 2 along with the season movie finale


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Goran Višnjić Archive is a fansite for Croatian-American actor Goran Višnjić. He is best known for his role as Dr. Luka Kovač on ER, and he has also appeared in films such as Practical Magic, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and Fátima. Most recently he has starred as Garcia Flynn on NBC's Timeless, and as famed inventor Nikola Tesla in the BBC’s Doctor Who.

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