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Are you Goran Višnjić? Do you know Goran? Have you met Goran?

No. I am not Goran Višnjić.
No. I do not know Goran Višnjić.
No. I have not met Goran Višnjić.

The GVA has no official affiliation with Goran Višnjić, his family, or any of his representatives.

Is this Goran Višnjić's official website?

No. The GVA is an unofficial, non-profit fansite made by a fan for fans.

Where can I find Goran Višnjić on social media?

Goran only has two officially verified social media accounts:

Does this site have a social media presence?

Yes-ish... I will post site update alerts at my Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter accounts (BattleshipGarcy), and I have set up a Goran Višnjić Archive Facebook Page to give Facebook fans alerts to updates as well.

Why do Goran Višnjić fans call themselves Tree Huggers?

1) Goran is 6'4" so he's as tall as a tree.
2) People hug what they like/admire/love so...
3) Tree Huggers!

The term was coined in June 2018 on Twitter around the time Goran Thursday began.

This site doesn't work well on mobile. Is there a way to fix this?

Sorry, this site was designed for desktop viewing (although you can manage to navigate it on your phone). This site was tested in Firefox and IE. I have done my best to design the site's navigation and content to minimize hiccups (ie: no pull-down menus, etc.). I'm too long gone from my web design degree and can't afford and don't want to do continuing education to figure out how to make mobile-friendly sites.

I have a Goran fansite/blog, any chance you can add the link to your site?

Absolutely! Just email me the URL to your page and I can add it to this site's links.

Can I use images from this site online either to share or in my own graphic artwork?

Yes. I created the GVA fansite specifially to provide fans of Goran Višnjić with the best possible images and screen captures from his career. If you use the images here I would appreciate a link back to GVA (gv-archive.com), but it is not required.

Do you own all the images archived on this site?

No. All images on this site are copyright to their respective owners, and no copyright infringement is intended as is stated in this site's disclaimer.

Why aren't there any candid or private images of Goran in the GVA Gallery?

I am vehemently against the stalkerazzi/paparazzi. Out of respect to Goran, his family and friends, the GVA will not archive images of Goran's private life (shopping, eating out, driving, walking, etc.). The only paparazzi images you may find on the GVA will be from "red carpet" events such as movie premiers, TV promotion, etc. - public events that are directly associated with his carrer. The GVA also archives images such as selfies that Goran has made public via his public Instagram account.

Does Goran ever visit this site?

I have no idea, and if he does... I would hope that he likes it.

I have images that are not available on your site. Do you want me to send them to you for archival?

Yes. Absolutely, yes! If the images you have are of good quality, not watermarked, and abide by my "paparazzi free" rule, then yes, you can email them to me and I will add them to the site as soon as possible. Please let me know how you would like me to credit you.

Why don't you reply to emails quickly?

That depends on when you send it. While I do have alerts set up to let me know when an email is received, I usually only read fansite emails once a week (on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday).

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Goran Višnjić Archive is an unofficial, non-profit fansite for Goran Višnjić with the intention to help promote his talent and career. This site has no official affiliation with Goran Višnjić, his family, or any of his representatives - it is run by a fan for fans. The webmaster of this website claims no ownership to any of the material archived on this website, and the content is used - to the best of my knowledge - under the "Fair Use" copyright law. Absolutely no infringement is intended. All content is published for informational and educational purposes.

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