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10 April 2024

19 March 2024
Goran Višnjić Headlines Premieres at 75th Dubrovnik Summer Festival

The 75th Dubrovnik Summer Festival brings eight different dramatic titles, with its rich premiere program highlighting strong and well-known acting names in the city.

At the very beginning of this exciting festival summer, the audience's favorite, "Kafetarija" by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Paolo Tišljarić, will have its premiere. The acting ensemble of the Marin Držić Theater is led by Hrvoje Sebastijan and guest Marijan Nejašmić Banić in the roles of Gospodin Fran and Lukša.

The latest performance of Vojnović's "Ekvinocija" will be directed by Krešimir Dolenčić at a previously unexplored festival location, Posat. Meanwhile, our greatest acting stars today, Goran Višnjić and Zrinka Cvitešić, lead the Festival Drama Ensemble alongside the national drama champion Olivera Baljak.

The rich drama program will be rounded off with Shakespeare's "The Tempest," the third and final premiere title, directed by Slovenian director Vito Taufer. Alongside the popular Luka Peroš in the role of Prospero, some of the leading names in Croatian theater such as Dušan Gojić, Siniša Ružić, Fran Dijak, Filip Šovagović, and others will stand, bringing a vision of a new era, a future that Shakespeare believes awaits the world, in the specific ambience of Lokrum Island.

Tickets for all premieres, as well as for nearly 60 other music, ballet, folklore, and other programs of the 75th Dubrovnik Summer Festival, are already available for purchase online on the festival's website www.dubrovnik-festival.hr and through the service www.ulaznice.hr. Starting from Monday, April 8th, tickets, as well as festival souvenirs, will be available for purchase locally at the box office on the ground floor of the Festival Palace at Od Sigurate 1, which will be open every working day from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

[ source ]

According to this page, it looks like Goran will be portraying Niko Marinović in Ivo Vojnović's Ekvinocijo (English: Equinox) at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. The play will be directed by Krešimir Dolenčić, and will be performed at Posat (a new location for the festival).

Establishing a balance between the melodramatic and the crude, the sentimental and the cynical, Equinox skilfully combines the past of individuals with the present of the collective, their memories with premonitions of the future.

One can only hope that a YouTube video of this production will be made available to those of us who are unable to, or cannot afford to travel over to Dubrovnik this summer to support Goran in this role.

And then this Saturday, 13 April, is the March for Animals in Zagreb, Croatia. Today, Goran shared a video showing his support for this cause in his Instagram stories. But there's no word on whether or not he will be in attendance.

I love that he is sporting his Dracula (The Brides) look in the video he shared for this event. And it's making one wonder if The Brides is getting another chance (please note: it probably isn't, this is just my own wishful thinking), or if he's got something else up his sleeve <--- or does this Dracula look have to do with his role in Equinox at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Goran Višnjić, Animal Friends and Pobjede Association invite everyone to the 4th March for Animals
Original Croatian Article // Article in English (using Google Translate)

"Animals don't have their own voice - we are the ones who have to stand up for them, who have to say something for them. We, as the strongest species on this planet, I think we are here to be guardians of this world, guardians of nature, guardians of animals, not those who just exploit, mistreat and take. I think animals are there more to be companions, to live with us, not for us."

Prijatelji životinja // Animal Friends (using Google Translate)

Goran Višnjić, Animal Friends and Pobjede Association invite everyone to the 4th March for Animals

Saturday, April 13 from 11 a.m., Tomislavac: "We are the ones who have to stand up for animals"

The March for Animals, organized by Friends of Animals and the Victory Association, will start on April 13, 2024 at 11 a.m. from Zagreb's King Tomislav Square. The participants of the March for Animals will be the voice of all oppressed and invisible beings who share this world with us. According to the organizers, these are animals that are killed in the food industry, that we carry on us, use in experiments or for vain entertainment, that we abuse and abandon, even though we are aware of their suffering.

And the actor Goran Višnjić in an emotional video invited everyone to join the loud crowd: "Animals don't have their own voice - we are the ones who have to stand up for them, who have to say something for them." We, as the strongest species on this planet, I think we are here to be guardians of this world, guardians of nature, guardians of animals, not those who just exploit, mistreat and take. I think animals are there more to be companions, to live with us, not for us."

As Animal Friends declare, today animals are oppressed by humans to such an extent that the rights of conscious individuals and their clear desires for their own lives are completely lost for the purpose of mass exploitation. They are seen as consumables and not as individuals with their own needs and desires.

They add that abusers, murderers and those who neglect animals are not sanctioned. "We all need to stand up for this", is the message of Friends of Animals: "Croatia needs changes in legislation and the establishment of an inspection for animal protection." Croatia needs improvement of the Animal Protection Act, as well as regulation of the keeping of exotic animals. In addition to the above, the ban on log pulling competitions and the ban on keeping dogs on a chain are just some of the changes that are necessary. There are many reasons to come to the March for Animals and everyone can find their own!”

The Victory Association reminds us how much power is in our hands (and voices) and how important it is to fight on their behalf: "There is so much we can do and every step forward is a significant step for animals." Come to be loud together for those who need our help! Let's not allow excuses, but look for solutions! Thanks to the changes we are proposing, billions of lives could be saved.”

Here you can read 35 reasons why to join the March for Animals and see Goran Višnjić's video call . Everyone is welcome to the March for Animals.

[ source - English translation of article by Google Translate ]

26 March 2024

I'm cleaning up my laptop files, and came across screen captures that were ready to go up on the site, but that I had accidentally dropped into a 'music' folder, only to be discovered now. Ugh. I swear, my computer files are a mess (and they're more organized on my laptop than they are on my 5TB external drive that holds almost all of my Goran (and Timeless) image files (which is just over 2 million images) that I intend on getting archived here, and on my two Timleless fansites (Team Garcy & The Timeless Fansite). Anyway, I uploaded 1,138 HD* screen captures from Goran's 2022 Facebook interview with American Corner Zagreb.

* "HD" because while the original video file is in 1080p, the quality of the Zoom video isn't that great, but still this is Goran's "Bedhead" interview, and he lives up to one of his nicknames: The Human Emoji and/or Emoji Man. I think my bulk image converter/renaming software messed up the chronological order of the caps when it did the renaming though as his waving goodbye is around the middle of the caps instead of near the end. I have no idea why/how that happened, it's been so long since I put them together LOL

[ view all screen captures here ]

04 March 2024

Goran Višnjić accepts his 8th Zlatnih Večernjakovih ruža (Golden Večernjak Rose)

Translation from Google Translate:

"Good evening everyone, a big greeting from rainy England. Just to let you know that Ruza has arrived, they tried to stop her at the customs, but it didn't work. They couldn't stop her from coming. I would like to thank Večernji list for this wonderful prize, a wonderful statue And I would especially like to thank the audience because this award is still an award from the audience and that's why it has a really special place in my heart. It's the audience that applauds in theaters, fills cinemas, concerts. We are artists without an audience, incomplete and so thank you to the audience, thank you Večernje list. And you, my dear colleagues, have a great time tonight, enjoy yourself. Greetings!"

Video originally found within this article about the event, and Goran's acceptance of the award: https://www.vecernji.hr/showbiz/video-goran-visnjic-najveca-snaga-ruze-je-sto-je-prva-i-originalna-1750428







I screen shot, and then did a HUGE cleanup of this Ekran magazine cover. So far, it looks like it's only available to purchase as a digital copy. I haven't had any luck finding it as a physical copy (yet <--- I hope one day it'll show up to buy... *fingers crossed*). You'll be able to find this image in the scans section of the site after it disappears from the updates.

I also got my hands on an actual HQ episodic still of Goran in an episode of Vikings: Valhalla.


Anyway... I've still got loads of screen captures that I need to upload to the site. My 2024 has not been great, but I'm hoping to get some caps up as soon as I can. Including better (larger) quality screen caps of Goran in Spartacus.

Thank you for your patience and understanding ♥

01 January 2024

20 December 2023

Four years ago today, the Goran Višnjić Archive went online. I just want to let you know that I appreciate your support, and the thousands of hits that this site receives each month from fans like you. Thank you so much for visiting ♥

And if you're a fan of Goran's Timeless character, Garcia Flynn, today is also Love Garcia Flynn Day. Over on my Tumblr page today (and tomorrow), I'll be sharing video clips of my favourite Garcia Flynn scenes from the Timeless series. If you're on Tumblr, check out the "love garcia flynn day" and "happy love garcia flynn day" tags, and if anyone is celebrating on Twitter (is it still called Twitter? IDK, I left it almost a year ago, and because I don't have an account there, I can't check it out to see if anyone is doing LGFD there), check the #LoveGarciaFlynnDay and #HappyLoveGarciaFlynnDay hashtags on Twitter, and Facebook (and any other possible social media platform that I'm unaware of) for Garcia Flynn content.

If you need Garcia Flynn images and GIFs to help celebrate, you can find them here in the GVA gallery:

Additionally, you can always check out my fansite, Team Garcy, for more information about the Garcia Flynn character (as well as his relationship with Lucy Preston).

01 November 2023

Just wanted to let you know that I reuploaded Goran's 2016 interview on Hollywood Today in which he talks about his (then) upcoming TV series, Timeless. Also, there's a new POTM (baby Goran!), and it took some Photoshop work to enlarge and clean - enjoy!

Also added, the other images from this month's 1998 POTM photoshoot.
(also enlarged and cleaned in Photoshop)

08 October 2023

Finally we have an episodic still of Goran in Vikings: Valhalla! The photo comes from several articles about the upcoming third season on Netflix, and... as some of you may know... Netflix likes to cancel popular series after their third season. At least with Vikings: Valhalla, Netflix has let us know this far ahead of time that season 3 of Vikings: Valhalla will be its last. No speficic premiere date has been set, just that season 3 will be available to watch on Netflix in 2024.

The articles:

09 September 2023

Happy birthday, Goran!

I hope that you're having a great day surrounded by friends, family, and fur babies ♥ Find below the birthday greetings from a few of your fans from around the world.

Susan Ride
Instagram // Twitter

This day is a reminder of how much you mean to us and to be grateful for all that you share with us. Happy Birthday.

Kansas, USA
Instagram // Tumblr

Sretan rođendan, Gorane! Nadam se da ćete imati prekrasan dan sa svojom obitelji, prijateljima i 'fur babies.'

  Eniko Karoly 


01 September 2023

Submissions for this year's Goran Birthday Project are now closed. I want to send a huge thank you to those of you who participated this year (we are small and few, and 'size matters not' when it comes to our love for Goran). Please do not send late submissions because I will not have time this year to get them prepared for display on September 9th. Thank you for understanding.

Unfortunately, due to the very low participation this year, 2023 will likely be the last time GVA runs the Birthday Project event. That makes me sad, but it is what it is.

Even if you did not participate (or make the deadline for submissions), please still tag Goran on Instagram on September 9th to wish him a happy birthday. Goran is truly one of a kind, and deserves to see how much his fans love and appreciate him on his special day.

Check back here on September 9th to see this year's birthday greetings ♥ Here's to a fantastic September!

14 August 2023

Goran's un-aired pilot episode of Boston's Finest (2010) has been uploaded to YouTube! Thank you YouTube channel Media Garage for the upload! And the Goran Višnjić Archive has the screen caps!

[ view more here ]

I have to say that I didn't expect a lot from this episode since ABC decided not to give it a full series order beyond this Pilot episode, but omgosh, I enjoyed the eff out of this episode. And not just Goran's scenes. I was hooked on the story from beginning to end, and at the end I wanted to binge its entire season (if it had been produced). It baffles me how networks pass on such great shows sometimes in favour of series whose Pilot episodes are just 'meh.' Of course, as with most good TV series, even if ABC had given Boston's Finest a full season order, they probably would've canceled it anyway because that's just what networks like to do. I'm just so thankful to Media Garage for uploading this episode for others to enjoy over a decade after it was filmed (and neglected).

Starring: Katee Sackhoff, Nia Long, Miles Williams, Goran Višnjić , Treat Williams, and Will Yun Lee.
Directed By: Gary Fleder

When a committed young Boston detective stumbles upon a corruption ring within her own police department, she joins forces with a rogue ex-cop to expose the truth. This rich, atmospheric new thriller from Richard Hatem (Supernatural) explores the intersection between right and wrong.

Also... there has been a severe lack of participation for this year's Goran Birthday Project, and if I don't receive at least half of what my initial submissions goal was by 1 September, I will have to cancel the event for this year. If you're interested in submitting a birthday greeting, you can get all the information you need on what is accepted, and how to get it to me on the Birthday Project page. Check back here on 1 September to see if it happens (and thank you to the person who has sent their birthday greeting for Goran, I appreciate your interest in this project).

06 July 2023

Some new photos (from today!) of Goran at the 2023 Međunarodni Dječji Festival in Šibenik, Croatia ♥

[ view more ]

Image sources: Dalmatinski Portal, Šibenikin, and Šibenski.

And this is an interesting tid bit from the Dalmatinski Portal article (if Google Translate has done well <--- more reason for me to get back to studying Croatian, huh?). It sounds like there is a possibility that Goran might be heading back (moving back?) to L.A.

"Već sutra mogu dobiti novi ugovor na dvije godine i ponovno se vraćamo u Los Angeles, a tek smo se preselili u Englesku." - Goran Višnjić

"Already tomorrow I can get a new contract for two years and we will return to Los Angeles again, and we have just moved to England."

01 June 2023

I am now accepting your birthday greetings for Goran from now until Friday, 1 September. You can click here, or on the image below to get more information on what to submit. Only submissions sent to my email address will be accepted: BattleshipGarcy@gmail.com.

And don't forget to vote for Goran as Croatia's most handsome celebrity here: https://zadovoljna.dnevnik.hr/

16 May 2023

I have so much content that I need to add to GVA, but I have no idea where to start, so... use the poll below to let me know what content you would most like to see added to the site first.

Poll Maker

Don't forget to vote for Goran as Croatia's most handsome celebrity here:

It's time to start thinking about what you'll be submitting this year for the 2023 Goran Birthday Project. All the information you need to know about what and how to submit your birthday greeting is on this page. Submissions will open on Thursday, 1 June, and will close on Friday, 1 September.

Also, pop on over to the sister site to GVA, Team Garcy, to get information on this July's Summer of Garcy!

Just a little note, the Public Pay funds that are donated by visitors to this site, are set to run out in July (which, I think means, if no new funds are added that GVA will lose server space in August). If you can afford to help donate to the GVA-TG Public Pay account to help keep GVA online, you can do so here. My host, GTX, determines the minimum donation amount allowed (currently it's at USD $5.00), and if says it's PayPal to donate, but even if you don't have a PayPal account, it allows you to check out as a guest. All funds donated are not accessible to me for withdrawl, they are only accessed by GTX for monthly server payments. As per GTX, donations are non-refundable. I thank you in advance for any help you can provide to keep the site online. Thank you so much ♥

17 March 2023

Just wanted to let you guys know that I opened a Redbubble store. The images below are just a sampling of some of the fanart available. Most of the fanart I added there is Timeless/Garcy, but there are some Goran items available as well. Enjoy.

01 January 2023

16 October 2022

Rewatch the podcast interview Goran did with Ana Radišić on YouTube now.


14 October 2022

HD screen caps of Goran in Hellraiser have been added to the gallery.

[ view more ]

I made 73 GIFs of Goran in Hellraiser, you can find them on the Hellraiser gallery page.

[ view more ]

Yesterday, some Behind The Scenes images from Hellraiser were shared (and found) online, they have also been added.

[ view more ]

And I think that the 2022 Social Media gallery is finally caught up (probably not, but until I can organize all my Goran images, I'm pretending it's caught up).

The last three images are from this Sunday's upcoming podcast appearance with Ana Radišić. It looks like she uploads her podcast interviews to her YouTube account, so keep your eyes there for that this Sunday.

03 October 2022

Happy Timeless Day! Today marks the 6th year anniversary of the Timeless premiere on NBC. Timeless is very special to me for so many reasons, and one of those reasons is that it finally got me to follow the career of Goran Višnjić. His character Garcia Flynn is my favourite TV character (if not my favourite fictional character) of all-time. So, this update contains some new Timeless/Garcia Flynn/Garcy content, as well as some updates from Goran's Instagram, Hellraiser images and its trailer, etc.

Decorate your desktop computer with these new Garcia Flynn wallpapers (1080p).

And I made 49 GIFs of Garcia Flynn in The Salem Witch Hunt for you to enjoy as well.

[ view more by scrolling to 204 here ]

Finally, catching up on images of Goran from social media since my last update (and a few I missed) ♥

[ view all social media-shared images ]

A HUGE, GIGANTIC thak you to Eniko for recording Goran's radio interview on Laganini FM on 27 September. She made the audio of his Croatian language interview available for all fans to download here. My Croatian is basic at best, and I was able to understand the different topics that were discussed. I wish my understanding of the language was better so I could provide more information. It sounded like he had a blast though, and even if you don't understand what is being said the joy radiates in his voice. Definitely worth a listen if you've got 30 minutes to spare.

There are 4 days to wait until we can all turn off all the lights in our homes to watch Goran in Hulu's remake of Hellraiser, where he plays a character named Mr. Voight. And if you're itching for more Mr. Voight, you can decorate your computer with this 1080p wallpaper.

Here's the first trailer for Hellraiser:


I made a page specifically for the Hellraiser trailer screen captures.

[ view more screen caps here ]

We are truly living in The SCRUFF Era right now, and I am here for it! Never let him get rid of The SCRUFF because, omg. He looks good without it, but - as I've said, omg. Of course, I've enjoyed his recent interviews about his Hellraiser character, Mr. Voight for the insight he brings to the character and the new adaptation of the horror classic, but I will always thoroughly appreciate The SCRUFF, ok? (thank you, Goran!)

[ view more screen caps here ]

Goran Visnjic says that when he was a teenager, he went into a local video store and discovered the VHS tapes of the first four Hellraisers. “In a few nights, my friend and I saw all of them. Number four was always my favorite because I’m a sci-fi fan, and this one is happening in space station.” He says this was the time of Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back so he felt a really huge impact of that one. Because of this, when the script came by, he was all in. Source:


Screen captures from this 27 September 2022 interview about Hellraiser with Josh Wilding.

[ view more screen caps here ]


And finally, one more interview about Hellraiser from Collider yesterday (2 October) - YouTube video and screen caps.

[ view more screen caps here ]


09 September 2022

Happy birthday, Goran!

I hope that you're having a great day surrounded by friends, family, and fur babies ♥ This year GVA has put together the first annual Goran Birthday Project - in which Tree Huggers (aka: Goran fans) have sent in their birthday greetings. You can click the banner below to read this year's birthday messages from your fans around the world.

25 August 2022

You have one week left to get your Happy Birthday greetings to me for the 2022 Goran Birthday Project. Get your messages (fanart, handwritten note, photos, etc.) to me by Thursday, 1 September. You can read more about the Goran Birthday Project on this page. Please note that I cannot take submissions from a reply on any of my social media reminder posts. All submissions must be sent to my email to be included: BattleshipGarcy@gmail.com.

I made more 1920x1080p desktop wallpapers.

[ view more here ]

More images shared by Goran on his Instagram have been added.

[ view more social media pics from 2022 here ]

I made some GIFs of Goran from the Timeless episode The Murder of Jesse James

And we've got a release date set for Hellraiser! Mark your (sorry, USA only) calendars for Friday, 7 October! I can't wait to see what kind of character Goran plays in this film. You can get more information about this project from this DEADLINE article from yesterday. And there's an itty bitty teaser trailer:

01 August 2022

The Goran Višnjić Archive is back!

I don't know if this will garner many entries, and I'm getting ready to move pretty much on the same day as Goran's birthday, and I wasn't going to try to run the Goran Višnjić Birthday Project this year because my move-out day is the day after his birthday, but... he celebrates his 50th this year, and that only happens once. So... I know it's very short notice, but if you would like to write or create something for Goran as a digital birthday gift, I'm accepting submissions from today (1 August) until Thursday, 1 September 2022. You can click on the banner below for more information.

Ok, so... I've uploaded all the image files of the site. If you notice anything that was skipped in the uploading process, please let me know. It takes hours (over many days) to upload a site of this size, and I can't always sit in front of my computer to babysit it if there are uploading issues.

I've updated the Social Media photo gallery to include the last images shared by Goran in 2021, and to include those shared in 2022.

[ insta 2021 // insta 2022 ]

Screen captures of Goran at the Save Soil event have also been added to the gallery.

[ view screen captures ]

Two promotional images from Doctor Who have been added, I did my best to enhance a new-to-GVA photoshoot image from 2002, a Hamlet theatre still that Goran recently shared on Instagram, and a profile picture seen only on what appears to be Goran's (unused-ish) TikTok back in 2021.

20 December 2021
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122,007 total images archived

The Goran Višnjić Archive fansite will be closing on 31 December 2021. You'll be able to find screen captures of Goran in Timeless over at my battleshipgarcy.com site. Thank you all for your support over the years.

01 December 2021

Happy first day of the 12 Days of Goran!

The 12 Days of Goran began during the Timeless/Garcy fandom's Garcy Holidays month-long celebration in December of 2018, 2019, and 2020. During the month of December, Tree Huggers (Goran fans), take part in sharing images of Goran, and participating in rewatches of some of his movies and television episodes.

December 2020 marked the final Garcy Holidays and for the Tree Huggers, GVA will continue the 12 Days of Goran from here on out. Below you will find the 2021 schedule for the 12 Days of Goran.

Please use the following hashtags while participating in the 12 Days of Goran:


Follow the clickable links to find pics and GIFs to help you celebrate the 12 Days of Goran! Happy Holidays!

 12 Days of Goran : December 2021
  Wed, 1 December Watch: The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler
  Fri, 3 December GIF Spiral! Bombard social media with your favourite Goran GIFs
  Sun, 5 December Watch: Timeless 206 The King of the Delta Blues
  Tues, 7 December Celebrate your favourite Goran movie character with pics and GIFs
  Thurs, 9 December Watch: Fátima
  Sat, 11 December Celebrate your favourite Goran TV character with pics and GIFs
  Mon, 13 December Watch: ER 816 Secrets and Lies
  Wed, 15 December Annoy your followers by sharing your favourite pics of Goran all day
  Fri, 17 December Watch: Crossing Lines 303 Dragon
  Sun, 19 December Write/share a holiday season fanfic for your favourite Goran character
  Tues, 21 December Watch: Doctor Who 1204 Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror
  Thurs, 23 December Make Goran Santa Claus - add a Santa hat to Goran pics and share

18 November 2021

Before, there were only 24 HQ-ish photos on GVA from the 2015 Berlin photoshoot. Now, there are 56 HQ/UHQ images from this shoot (exclusive to GVA). I still can't believe that I got my hands on these, omg.

[ view all 58 images from the 2015 Berlin photoshoot in the 2010s Photoshoots section ]

12 November 2021

First off, welcome new site affiliate: Abigail Spencer Fan - check out that site, so many goodies in the photo gallery (and wow to the 2020 photoshoot section).

And... Happy The Accursed Day! The official release of Goran's latest film is years in the making, and finally today is the day that everyone can watch it. If you are near any of the five cities in the USA where it is being shown in theatres, go see it on the big screen for all of us who can't. Everyone else, I'm sure you pre-ordered the movie, but in case you haven't, you can now purchase it at any of the streaming servies below.

I got to see this movie back in August during its premiere at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival, and I like most horror films - mainly because of the cheese factor (I like a good laugh), but what impressed me most about The Accursed is that it stays away from the "cheese," respected the seriousness the genre is capable of delivering, and has fully developed characters and interpersonal relationships that enhance the story of the film. I watched it first thing this morning (my second viewing!) and can say that for me, the film is even better on second viewing. I plan on watching it again tonight once the sun goes down to help with that eerie, creepy, horror film factor. Even if you're not a fan of the horror genre, I encourage you to watch it will all your lights on. It's worth it, and of course... our man Goran is in it, and delivers another superb performance as Nikola.

Here's the official trailer:


11 November 2021

Happy Goran Thursday! The prompts for this year's 12 Days of Goran are now available! This December's Goran celebration begins on Wednesday, 1 December, and concludes on a Goran Thursday, 23 December. Check out the prompts for the 12 Days of Goran, and get ready to have some end-of-the-year fun. All images for movies and TV episodes to be watched are available on the GVA photo gallery.

[ feel free to save this ad to use on social media to help spread the word ]

Screen captures for ER 816 Secrets and Lies have been added to the gallery (just in time for next month's 12 Days of Goran! Such a great episode. I can't wait to rewatch it next month.

[ view all screen captures ]

Six HQ (exclusive to GVA) editorial images from Goran's apperance on Hollywood Today in 2016 have been added to the gallery.

[ view all images from 2016 Hollywood Today: screen captures & editorial images ]

Thirteen HQ (exclusive to GVA) editorial images from the Timeless Season 2 Premiere Party have been added to the gallery.

[ view all 13 images on this page ]

And finally, for today, eight HQ (exclusive to GVA) editorial images from SiriusXM's Entertainment Weekly Radio Channel Broadcasts from Comic-Con 2017. I've got hundreds (if not over 1000) more HQ (or at least better quality than I've seen previously in the Tree Hugger fandom) images to share with you guys. I'm glad that things are settling down more so I can get some updates in. Expect a slow-down in December/January, but after that - if the site's funds increase (I've put "server/domain donations" on my birthday and Xmas list this year since if I calculated correctly, funds run out in February 2022... *fingers crossed*) - I'll be working next year on getting those HQ images on the site, along with my goal of getting all screen captures for ER in the gallery as well. Anyway, enjoy this update, and I plan on upgrading another photoshoot or two sometime next week.

[ view all 8 images on this page ]

07 November 2021

You may have noticed that I have added a watermark to some of the images on this site. I've done this because while the domain/server of this site is 100% fan-funded (thank you!), I do spend my money on acquiring content for this site, and that includes the recent HQ image updates, and future image updates that I have planned for the site. These images were offered to me at a really good deal that I couldn't refuse, and were offered specifically for this fansite (no others - so please do not archive on any other fansite). I ask that you please respect that, and if you do share or post any of the watermarked images that you 1) do not remove/alter the watermark, and 2) please provide a credit link back to gv-archive.com. Thank you for your cooperation.

I added 19 new photoshoot images from the 2009 Sundance Festival (Helen portraits):

[ view all 19 on this page ]

And some of you know that I've been on the hunt for HQ images so that I can upgrade some of the images already archived at GVA, well... I've finally begun the process of updating the first images archived with the new HQ images. Some of these I've had to go in and clean up so that the image quality is better, and I think y'all will be pleased. This week I've tackled the 2016/17 Comic-Con Timeless portrait sessions, as well as the 2017 NBC Universal Press Tour session. Enjoy!

17 September 2021

Twenty-six HQ images of Goran from his appearance on 'Extra' at The Grove in Los Angeles from 28 February 2013, and his appearance at the Grand Opening Night For "R.U.N - The First Live Action Thriller" on 14 November 2019 have been added to the gallery's Appearances section. I'm also playing catch-up with images Goran (or Lefty) has shared on Instagram since my last update. Enjoy!

[ 'Extra' at The Grove ]

[ Grand Opening Night For "R.U.N - The First Live Action Thriller" ]

[ view more from Instagram 2021 ]

30 July 2021

Did a quick update today to add the interview Goran did with Premiere Scene, as well as some of his new pictures which he shared on Instagram.

[ Premiere Scene Interview // 2021 Instagram Photos ]

22 July 2021

The Accursed (previously: Severed Silence) will premier on Video On Demand on Tuesday, 17 August at the Popcorn Frights Flim Festival. You can pre-order your ticket here for USD $10 (+ $2.50 fee).

Even though I haven't done any updates of Goran's recent outings in Croatia - and perhaps his upcoming appearance in Italy for a screening of Fátima - I have been doing my best to compile images from events that he has attended. If you would like to help out and email me images, I would appreciate it <--- since I know for certain that I've missed some picutures since I've been so busy preparing for my move. In your email subject header just include the event name (and date if you remember).

Thank you so much!


13 June 2021

The Goran Višnjić Archive is finally back online.

I apologize for how long the site had been offline. My server host had issues with their machines and had to transfer all sites that they host to a new server starting on 24 May until now. Due to the size of GVA (and of Team Garcy), the transfer took longer than they expected.

And even better... it looks like they were able to get all images (screen captures included) transferred! A week ago, this looked like it might not be the case. I cannot tell you how relieved I am.

Due to my upcoming out-of-state move - I announce, with a heavy heart, that this year's Goran Višnjić Birthday Project has been canceled. When I came up with the idea back in December 2020, I had not anticipated that I would be moving out-of-state at the end of August/early September. I apologize that I have to cancel it, but I do not have the time to properly give the Birthday Project the attention it deserves. We'll try again in 2022 if this site is still online.

I will be taking a break from doing content updates to GVA until after I am settled in my new home later this fall. That means that screen captures, GIFs, photoshoots, etc. will not be added to this site from June until at least late September or October. I will do my best to alert you to any breaking Goran Višnjić news as it becomes available.

Thank you all so much for your support and understanding. If you would like to donate to help keep this fansite online, you can do so by clicking here (I thank you in advance for your help and generosity).


13 May 2021


Happy Goran Thursday, Tree Huggers! I'd like to bring your attention to GVA's new site affiliate:
Néstor Carbonell Central. I've long been a fan of actor Néstor Carbonell and I discovered this site a few months back and was so excited that Néstor had a fansite (which looks to be officially approved by Néstor himself! <--- awesome!)

And onto the updates... More additions to the GVA Gallery in today's update, and don't forget to check out the information for this year's Goran Višnjić Birthday Project. New GIFs from Timeless 109 Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde have been added.

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The latest Instagram selfie has been added, as well as HD screen captures of Goran in ER episodes
719 Sailing Away, 720 Fear of Commitment, 721 Where the Heart Is, and 722 Rampage <--- meaning that all screen captures from ER Season 7 are now on the site!

[ Instagram // ER Season 7 ]

04 May 2021

Happy Star Wars Day! May The 4th be with you! I was going to share my standard Goran/Jedi manip today, but then Goran shared it on his InstaStory, so I'm going with that instead

Starting next month on Tuesday, 1 June, I will begin accepting your submissions for this year's inaugural Goran Višnjić Birthday Project. My year is and will continue to be chaotic, so please do your best to get your birthday wishes for Goran to me by the Wednesday, 1 September deadline.

Also, don't miss the Red Widow Gag Reel, as well as the Red Widow "The Journey" Featurette that I added to the GVA YouTube channel.

Don't forget that Fátima will be re-released exclusively at AMC Theatres starting this Friday! In celebration of this re-release, I have upgraded the screen captures here on GVA. Fátima captures are now 1080p HD!

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More additions to the gallery: Goran's new Instagram pic from April, two Hamlet production stills. GIFs by Minjung from ER 715 The Crossing, ER season 7 gag reel, Extant 103 Wish You Were Here, Duga Mračna Noć, Vidimo Se, and Welcome To Sarajevo. 감사합니다 Minjung! More screen captures have been added to the ER gallery as well: the 2021 ER Reunion, 713 Thy Will Be Done, 716 Witch Hunt, 717 Survival of the Fittest, and 718 April Showers.

[ Instagram // Hamlet ]

[ ER GIFs // Extant GIFs // Duga Mračna Noć GIFs // Vidimo Se GIFs // Welcome To Sarajevo GIFs ]

[ ER Reunion // 713 Thy Will Be Done // 716 Witch Hunt // 717 Survival of the Fittest // 718 April Showers ]

20 April 2021

Fatima to be Re-released Exclusively at AMC Theatres on May 7
Source: MuseTV // Michael Sandoval

Picturehouse announced that FATIMA, the inspirational story of the events leading up to the astonishing Miracle of Fatima in Portugal, will be re-released across the country on Friday, May 7, 2021. The film will be presented exclusively at AMC Theatres.


Don't forget that in two days - this Goran Thursday - Goran will participate in the ER Reunion. This reunion episode of Stars in the House is being held in benefit of the Waterkeeper Alliance - a global nonprofit focused on clean water. A YouTube video has already been designated for us to view, and you can find it here. The event is scheduled to begin on Thursday, 22 April at 8pm ET/7pm CST (12am UTC on 23 April).


13 April 2021

Mark your calendars for 22 April because Goran will be taking part in a ER Reunion! The event will stream exclusively on PEOPLE's social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube). The event will take place on Thursday, 22 April at 8pm ET/7pm CST. Also expected to take part are George Clooney, Noah Wyle, Laura Innes, Anthony Edwards, and Julianna Margulies.

Here's hoping that the event will remain available to watch online after it has ended for those who cannot make the scheduled time.

*fingers crossed*

Click here for more information.

01 April 2021

Two more interview screen captures from 2011 added to the gallery today: Beginners Interview, and the interview from Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

[ Beginners Interview // Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Interview ]

Screen captures of Goran in The Tribes of Palos Verdes have been added to the movies gallery.

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Getting a bit closer to completing the Red Widow gallery with the addition of screen captures from the Red Widow Gag Reel and the featurette, Red Widow: The Journey. All I need now is to find/organize/clean up the episodic stills that I have from this series.

[ Red Widow Gag Reel // Red Widow: The Journey ]

Screen captures for ER 706 The Visit, 707 Rescue Me, 708 The Dance We Do, 710 Piece of Mind,and 711 Rock, Paper, Scissors, and 712 Surrender have been added to the gallery.

[ view more ER season 7 caps ]

25 March 2021

Just a few random updates today. I made screen captures of A Short Film About Making Beginners featurette (also featuring the late Christopher Plummer <--- very sweet shots of him and Goran together). I also added GIFs from the quick (under 1 minute) Beginners interview <--- on the new GVA YouTube channel. And all 32 GIFs from the Hollywood Today interview.

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[ Beginners Interview GIFs // Hollywood Today GIFs ]

And here's that short interview clip from Beginners (it feels like it's part of a longer EPK, not sure if any other clips exist, but if I find them, you'll know about it). Enjoy!


18 March 2021

I've added screen captures for ER 701 Homecoming, 702 Sand and Water, 703 Mars Attacks,
704 Benton Backwards, 705 Flight of Fancy, 714 A Walk in the Woods, and 715 The Crossing. Happy Goran Thursday, Luka loving Tree Huggers!

17 March 2021

Happy Goran Thursday Eve, Tree Huggers! Just a quick update to add the four adorable pictures of Goran with his pupper, Lefty, which were shared publicly on Lefty's Instagram account. I don't know about you all, but pictures of Goran with his fur babies are my favourites. In addition to the image updates below, I would like to let you know that I have started a YouTube channel for the site, you can follow it here: Goran Višnjić Archive YouTube Channel. I just have one video uploaded at the moment, but the plan is to add other videos later on down the road.

Screen captures from the Meet The Brides concept trailer which was shared by series writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa on his Instagram last Friday (watch the concept trailer by clicking here). Now let us put out only good vibes that somehow, some way, this series gets picked up because... we kinda need to see Goran as Dracula, you know? #SaveTheBrides and... #ReviveDracula?

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GIFs from the Meet The Brides concept trailer (not many, but at this point, we'll take what we get, right?)

09 March 2021

New to the GVA Gallery: desktop wallpapers!

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04 March 2021

Screen captures added from the interview Goran did on New York Live yesterday where he talked about his role on Crossing Lines, the ER fandom, and Fátima. You can watch the video of this interview at the News 4 New York website.

Also, 19 GIFs from this interview are now on the site:

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03 March 2021

A huge thank you to Agi for providing GVA with a translation of the article from Tarka Világ magazine scans. You can find a link to this translation on the 2000s Press page (it is also found the Scans section).

I've also added promotional images of Goran from Red Widow (another huge thank you to Eve and Rebekah for their help in cleaning up the images), and I scanned the cover and article from the September 2001 Telegraph Magazine (scroll down to 2001 for all four scans). Oh, and just as I was about to upload this update, I got an alert that Mr. Višnjić had shared this brand new picture over on Instagram. Happy Goran Thursday Eve, indeed!

11 February 2021

Screen captures of Goran from last month's Timeless Reunion have been added, as well as two new images from his upcoming film Severed Silence, and a new Instagram photo!

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[ Severed Silence // Instagram ]

08 February 2021

Two images from Instagram (2019, 2021) added to the gallery:

GIFs from the movies Practical Magic and Helen have been added. Thank you, Minjung!

I've also added some of the Goran GIFs that I've made (excluding those from Timeless, for the moment): ER 8x15 "It's All In Your Head", The Boys 2x08 "What I Know", 2015 Bild interview, 2017 interview with Goran and Malcolm Barrett, 2018 Timeless "Movie" set interview, and a few miscellaneous GIFs. Enjoy!

14 January 2021

A huge gamsahabnida! 감사합니다! to Minjung for sending me screen captures from the movies Dark Hearts and Asthma to add to the archive. Now I'm more convinced than ever to hurry up my viewing of these two movies because his look in both are so... well, if you've seen the movies or the pictures, you know. And thank you also for sending me captures from the Behind The Scenes Featurette for Practical Magic. I appreciate your help so much. Thank you so much, Minjung! Happy Goran Thursday!

[ Dark Hearts // Asthma ]

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There are nine more days until Goran takes part in the Timeless Reunion on 23 January! As per the Play-PerView ticket site: ticket proceeds will be donated to Feeding America. Donate $100 or more and receive a special limited edition gift. Viewing link will be sent the day of the event. You can purchase your event ticket at this site. While $20 is the suggested minimum amount, if you have limited funds, you can purchase a ticket for as low as $1. Sales end on 23 January 2021. And if you're like me and don't use and/or don't trust Zoom, a live-stream viewing link (good through 27 January) will be provided to you after the event so that you can watch it. I'm assuming this rewatch link will be through Vimeo as they did with the Better Off Ted Reunion.

04 January 2021

Screen captures of Goran from the Better Off Ted Reunion have been added to the gallery. I'll be adding GIFs as soon as I make them, stay tuned!

[ view more ]

Goran will be participating in a Timeless Reunion on Saturday, 23 January. Here is a link to watch the script reading of the Timeless episode 203 "Hollywoodland." There will also be included "fresh material," and a Q&A sessioin afterward.

"Play-PerView will reunite the cast of NBC’s “Timeless” to support Feeding America. "Clockblockers Unite: a TIMELESS Evening" will reunite series co-creator Shawn Ryan ("The Shield") with stars Malcolm Barrett (“Preacher”), Sakina Jaffrey ("House of Cards"), Paterson Joseph ("Peep Show") Matt Lanter ("The Mandalorian") Abigail Spencer ("True Detective") and Goran Višnjić ("ER"). The evening will feature a reading of the season two episode Hollywoodland featuring brand new material written specifically for this event. original cast members , a moderated discussion and an opportunity for fans to ask their questions will follow.

Ticket proceeds will be donated to Feeding America.
Donate $100 or more and receive a special limited edition gift.
Viewing link will be sent the day of the event."

17 December 2020

Announced today, Goran will take part as a special guest in the Better Off Ted Reunion hosted by Veridian Dynamics on Sunday, 27 December at 6pm EST (+5 GMT). You can find more information about how you can watch the reunion is available on the event's website. It's a Play-PerView event through Zoom to benefit Feeding America.


I've added one new 2003 photoshoot image to the gallery, and I've updated the 2020 Instagram section with the latest images Goran has shared with his fans. Thank you, Goran! Please, everyone, stay safe, have a Merry Christmas, Sretan Božić svima! Happy Holidays! See you all in the new year!

24 November 2020

The upgrade of GVA is finished! <--- and a week earlier than expected! And as an early holiday gift to you all, I've added loads of new content to the site.

But before we get to what's new to GVA, I want to give a HUGE shout out to a handful of fans who have helped me with this site these past several months: Eniko (for her help organizing images), Eve (for helping clean up images), Rebekah (for helping clean up images), EnTaks (for generously sending me a couple magazines), and HaleyD (as always, for helping me dig up HQ images). Though I maintain this site, it is with the help of other fans, and friends, that it can continue to grow. Thank you all so very, much!

I also want to announce that next year GVA is bringing you (and Goran) the Goran Višnjić Birthday Project. I know that in the past fans have come together to raise funds for charities close to Goran's heart. I know that 2020 has been difficult on everyone and I thought about ways that fans could celebrate Goran's birthday in 2021 in a way that can include everyone regardless of their financial situation. You can read more about the Birthday Project here.

Ok, so on to your early Happy Holidays Goran goodies! (early because I plan on taking a break from doing site updates until after the new year)

And if you're in the Holiday Spirit mood, don't forget that you can participate in the 12 Days of Goran on social media this month. It's a part of the final Garcy Holidays, and you can find the full Garcy Holidays 2020 schedule here. After 2020, GVA will continue the 12 Days of Goran tradition and you will be able to find information and the schedule for 12 Days here on GVA. This year, please use the following hashtags if you are participating: #12DaysOfGoran #GoranVišnjić #GarcyHolidays

  12 Days of Goran : December 2020
  Tues, 1 December Share your favorite Goran scene
  Thurs, 3 December Watch: Doctor Who "Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror"
  Sat, 5 December Share your favorite selfies of Goran
  Mon, 7 December Watch: "Spartacus"
  Wed, 9 December Celebrate your favorite Goran character
  Fri, 11 December Watch: "The Journey Home"
  Sun, 13 December Celebrate your favorite Goran character relationship
  Tues, 15 December Watch: "Ice Age"
  Thurs, 17 December Share your favorite GIFs of Goran
  Sat, 19 December Watch: ER 12x10 "All About Christmas Eve"
  Mond, 21 December Share your favorite photos of Goran
  Wed, 23 December Watch: ER 13x11 "City of Mercy"

I have upgraded all the screen captures of Goran in Timeless. What was on the site previously was HD captures made from iTunes files, but I discovered that making screen captures directly from the region 2 blu-rays rendered higher quality results (sharper image, deeper color depth). If only all of Goran's projects were available on blu-ray. HQ episodic stills of Goran from season one & season two have been added as well.

And uh... yeah, the full set (9) of the Garcia Flynn "Flereal Flurtleneck" promotional images is now on GVA!

Hey! Hey! Luka Kovač fans! I'm sure you've been waiting for me to get back to doing screen captures of ER, and I'm happy to announce that season 6 is complete! New to the gallery: Be Still My Heart, All In The Family, Be Patient, Viable Options, Match Made In Heaven, The Fastest Year, Loose Ends, Such Sweet Sorrow, and May Day. Enjoy the caps and I'll work on adding the rest of Goran's episodes as soon as possible (with a goal of completing ER by the end of 2021).

Screen captures for Close Your Eyes (+BTS Featurette and stills), upgraded quality Fátima screen captures have been added as well as stills and behind the scene images, stills and BTS from the upcoming Severed Silence, production stills from Goran's time on stage performing Hamlet, screen captures for the Doctor Who featurette "The Great Train Chase," behind the scenes from The Boys and The Brides, and episodic stills and behind the scenes from This Is Us have also been added to the gallery. Here's a little sample of what's new (of course, there's much more just click on those links highlighted in this paragraph).

I've been organizing all the photoshoot images that I have of Goran and with the help of Eniko, I've been able to properly organize them all by the year they were taken. GVA now has mostly HQ photoshoot images (some LQ) of Goran dating back to 1998 <-- thank you HaleyD for your help tracking these down. Enjoy all the pretty in the Photoshoots section of the site (120 new images have been added in this update). Here's a small sampling of the images that have been added to GVA photoshoots gallery in this update:

But seriously, another HUGE SHOUT OUT to Eve and Rebekah for their help in cleaning up some of these photoshoot images. I appreciate your help so much.

New to GVA: Instagram photos! Some, not all, of Goran's publicly shared pictures will be archived on the site. Make sure you don't miss any new pictures by following Goran on Instagram today!

New editorials from SDCC 2016 and the 2018 Humane Society of The United States' to The Rescue! Gala have been added to the public appearances section of the gallery.

In the Interviews section of the photo gallery, I've added a few new screen captures: Close Your Eyes Featurette, Helen Featurette, K-11 Featurette, Crossling Lines Season 3 EPK, 2015 BILD interview, 2019 RTL interview, and the 2020 Dnevnik Showbuzz interview.

And last, but not least... more scans have been added to GVA! Thank you, EnTaks and random eBay sellers for providing/sending these to me.

I hope you all enjoy the upgrade to the site, and all the new content. If you have any pictures you would like to see archived on GVA, please feel free to send them my way (BattleshipGarcy@gmail.com). All who contribute to the site will be given credit for their contribution and their name listed on the Thank You list on the site's information page. I'm always on the lookout for LQ/HQ/UHQ photoshoots, TV/movie images, GIFs, scans, and screen captures - and I assure you that I still have tons more on my computer/external drives, to add to the site.

I want to thank everyone who donated funds to help keep Goran Višnjić Archive online this year. I know that 2020 hasn't been easy on any of us, and your help is very much appreciated, and helps keep this site online.

If you would like to donate to help keep the Goran Višnjić Archive fansite online, you can do so by donating funds via my server host's Public Pay system (GTX determines the minimum amount you can donate). All donated funds go directly to GTXGaming to be applied to this site's monthly fees. As per GTXGaming's Public Pay site, all donations are non-refundable. The funds are not available for anyone other than GTXGaming to withdraw. I thank you in advance for any help that you can give. Your help is appreciated, more than words could ever express.

I wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season, and I look forward to bringing you more Goran in 2021.

♥ BattleshipGarcy ♥

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